Islamia Girls High School on Ruqaiyyah's interview, Year 8
Islamia Girls High School on Zaineb's interview, Year 8

Islamia Girls High School

girls_school_logo_200_01Islamia Girls High School was established in 1984 by members of the Huddersfield community for Muslim girls to gain secondary school education. Students attending the school come from the local area and as far as Rochdale.

Poems from the students:

Arusa Jaan 

The fear I felt of leaving everything behind,

Would my new community be as friendly and kind?

When I arrived, I felt so different and alone,

They all spoke an alien language, they all looked like clones.

So here I was, in this foreign place,

Where I felt was the only Asian race.

Everything was so different, so brand new,

When would I go back home? I didn't have a clue.


Mahdiyya Saleem

They came from Pakistan,

For riches to be made,

To send all the way back to their homeland.

They worked hard all day, Sleeping all night,

They were away from their families,

Which to them was all of their light.

Today we are privileged,

To have our families here.

We love them and care for them,

As they are so near.

We should always be grateful,

For everything we have.